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Gunpower/AirForce air rifles: Stealth/Storm/Shadow/Talon/Condor.

This genera of air rifles, which for convenience I collectively call the Stealth, are really fantastic guns, and have a lot of potential.

ICD Stealth

The style is beyond doubt, a design classic in its own right. The combination of stunning beauty, mechanical simplicity, and rugged functionality, I'm sure is what attracts a lot of people.

The accessory rails above and below the boreline, (manufacturers take note), offer a multitude of possibilities for bipods, scopes and laser sights, IR illuminators, lamping lights or NV equipment..... a truly versatile gun!

It is increasingly rather badly put together though, and after sales service I gather can be poor, so I attempt to address some of this. It is however a tinkerer's delight, and some of the modifications I can do, will totally transform the gun.

ICD Stealth

I make all sorts of new or replacement components for the Gunpower range of rifles, and do custom engineering work as well to improve function and aesthetics.

These are shown in the gallery section, which has been roughly organised in alphabetical order, ie Stealth barrels, bushes and crowns are at the beginning, valves at the end, and hammers somewhere near the middle.

I can also supply replacement consumables like lubricants, O rings and springs.



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