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A word about dimensions ........

A lot of the parts I make are one-off jobs.

With the advent in recent years of Precharged pneumatics (PCP's), and a resurgence in the airgun industry, with so many new manufacturers and models around these days, it's difficult to keep track of them all. So if you require a component made, say a muzzle adapter, please give me any relevant dimensions of barrel diameter (including caliber), lengths, clearances, tolerances etc., and don't be embarrassed to send me a rough sketch or photo, even a blurry phone or web cam pic, they all help, and make my life a lot easier.

I know few of us are equipped with engineers calipers, but often just eyeballing against a ruler is sufficient.
Best of all, lend me a mating part or some other part that you know fits, e.g. a muzzle brake.

There are often design considerations too.
I have my own ideas about design and aesthetics, but they may differ from yours. Some people like things plain, some with lots of detail, so if you have any design input, likes or dislikes, lets have it, and we'll discuss.
Otherwise I'm always happy to hear someone say "I'll leave all the finer details to you".

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