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Some terms and conditions..

Please Note:

Although I am a holder of both firearms, and shotgun certificates, I work ONLY with airguns that conform to the UK legal limits for muzzle energies.

Under current firearms legislation, it is illegal for me to be in possession of any barrel or "certain" other parts, in the knowledge that these originate from a firearm. These "certain" parts are defined under current firearm legislation as being any pressure bearing component of a registered firearm. These are separately regarded in law as firearms in their own right.

I am therefore unfortunately unable to accede to any request for firearm work, and categorically will not entertain requests for work on deactivated weapons or Brococks.


I am an experienced machinist who takes great care to produce quality work of a dependable standard of quality and finish.

Sometimes though I do not have access to the necessary mating parts for components I make, and because of this, occasional mis-fits occur. However I will do my best to rectify this FOC should this occur, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Where possible, I offer to re-finish items made by me should they become scratched by the original owner, also FOC.


Please be aware that if you send me your components for machining or alteration, or if I obtain an item for you to be custom machined, you have to accept, that this work (like postage) is undertaken entirely at your risk. 

I will do my level best to ensure a satisfactory outcome in any situation, but the risk is ultimately yours.

Where items of any value are to be sent I would advise using an insured service.

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