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A word about payment……

I always ask for payment in advance as I like to have one end of the deal done and dusted, so I can concentrate on the engineering side, and also because I hate having to chase people up for money.

Sometimes with customers I do regular work for of an inventive or research development kind, they send me a starter fee, and then I quote the difference, or return funds overpaid.

At other times I say “just send me what you think is appropriate”, particularly if I know they are fair minded people, so I'm also happy to work like that with people I know, and I appreciate their honesty in addressing the cost.

When discussing your order or job by e-mail, we will agree on the most mutally suitable form of payment. This has to be in UK Pounds Sterling and can be cash or cheque drawn on a UK bank, Western Union transfer, or I can send you a PayPal invoice, ... you decide.

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