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A word about prices......

I always feel awful bad about asking for money, as I've been out of the "working" game for a long time, and my prices are a bit erratic, and sometimes a little out of date... some of you have probably noticed!

It doesn't seem that long ago to me, that my Dad blew a "Budget day" gasket, when the price of petrol went up from 1 shilling and sixpence PER GALLON, to a penny extra. .........that's nearly 1.7p per litre!!

I know I need to take a reality check, but having said that I'm getting there. However I still tend to gauge prices as I go along, as these parts I make, really are custom made and each part is unique, so I won't state prices here, not at the moment anyway, but I’ll be happy to quote if you e-mail me with your requirement.


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